The propeller blades are constructed using proprietary design and processing techniques using advanced epoxy systems and high strength carbon fibre to make the lightest, stiffest and strongest blades possible. This design has been tested to exceed more than 4 times the blade retention load required by ASTN F2506.


Propeller hubs are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium billet, with CAD and CAM software providing precision tolerances. The hubs have been designed for strength and long fatigue life as opposed to the lightest mass as hub failures invariably lead to the loss of the aircraft. The hub has two fixed pitch stops for safety and two adjustable microswitch controlled pitch stops.

Constant Speed Controller

The microprocessor driven constant speed controller provides precise and highly reliable constant speed control of the propeller RPM. The controller has been designed for simple and intuitive operation with LED’s and an LCD display to ensure the pilot knows what the propeller is doing. The controller can automatically control propeller RPM in CS (constant speed) mode, or the pilot can manually control pitch in VP (variable pitch) mode.


The spinner is made from epoxy infused carbon fibre. It is extremely rigid, light weight, crack and corrosion resistant. The spinner backing plates are press moulded carbon epoxy, making them extremely rigid and strong yet lightweight.


The propeller includes a carbon fibre spinner, carbon fibre backing plate, constant speed controller, wiring loom and installation hardware. Propeller lifetime is not specified if mandatory periodical inspections are performed at specified intervals. TBO is 1000 operational hours or 60 months.

Service Schedule

The propeller is maintained on-condition. The condition of the propeller is monitored by a combination of pilot monitoring during operation and regular inspection as detailed below. The propeller contains no life-limited parts. In all cases the original propeller operations manual, or the latest one issued, is the governing document for service intervals for each specific propeller by serial number.